Scandinavian Technology ApS works as “Area Manager” in the Nordics for the international laboratory Neotron, which is successful in delivering valid results.
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Analytical and Technical Services

Neotron offers a complete chemical analysis service for the safety and quality of the entire agri-food supply chain: finished products, raw materials, packaging.


Neotron has laboratories of over 10,000 m2 organized in a single production unit. Thanks to the concentration of know-how and technology, Neotron guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability of the analytical data, as well as immediate assistance to the customer on any Alert of the Agri-food sector.


For all the samples analysed Neotron provides the complete traceability of the analytical data, starting from the digital photos of the samples being accepted, following the internal steps and the processing steps are automated with the Barcode Scanning system for the complete management of the Sample Tracking.
Neotron has been a reference chemical laboratory for the most important European and global multinational food industries for many years

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